Our Mission
Helping people, teams and organizations leverage their full potential, through the adaptation of new and effective ways of working together towards their shared goals, re-aligning leadership around shared purpose, and building partnerships across all company lines.
Our Mission
גפן - ייעוץ ניהולי לחברות - הצוות המוביל
Helping people, teams and organizations leverage their full potential, through the adaptation of new and effective ways of working together towards their shared goals, re-aligning leadership around shared purpose, and building partnerships across all company lines.

Geffen Management Consulting is an organizational and management consulting firm

About Us

We are proud to work with leaders who seek transformation and change in the way they work. Who wish to break through their own glass ceiling, who respect their past and the people who brought to their success, while looking forward in a quest to a more meaningful, profitable and sustainable future.  

To you we offer a true partnership. We bring years of experience and knowledge, empirical success in building effective teams and helping organizations transform into the better version of themselves. With a drive for unveiling the unspoken paradigms, we promise to come with curiosity, humility and an unyielding commitment to your success.

Areas of Expertise

Growing authentic and participative leadership across the organization

People want to be led by people, not by positions or tiles. Authentic leadership means that leaders, regardless of hierarchy and role,

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need to deeply connect to their own personal qualities and strengths in order to be able to engage people. The first principle in our Leadership Programs is self-awareness and awareness to others. We aim to support and coach leaders on their journey to find their personal, authentic "managerial operating system" – what drives me? When and what do I need to be in my best? What is my unique leadership style and when do I overextend? Leaders who are aware of their own qualities and overextensions are better equipped to handle the complexity of decision making and leading others.

Helping organizations cope with growth and an ever-changing business environment

Our Active Transformation methodology includes five critical principles for a successful transformation:

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  • Proactive change – taking initiative and continuously evolving short- and long-term targets to adapt to strategies and a rapidly changing environment
  • Agile processes – managing change in quick, iterative steps from round to round (as opposed to a "Top-Down" approach)
  • Co-creation – helping organizations change through true involvement and participation of employees across all levels, gaining the widest commitment possible to the transformation process
  • Client at the Center – making sure the client's perspective is seen at all times in the change process, even if it's only internal changes
  • Purpose – always keep sight of the big picture – why are we pursuing this change? What will success look like?

Building active partnerships and making cross-collaboration work beyond cliché

Based on our vast experience in organizational development, we have developed a proprietary partnerships methodology

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to support cross boundary collaborative relationships – igniting a new way of working together that speeds up processes, shortens time to market and allows teams to better focus on customer needs. 

Our team

שרון אופיר שטרית - צוות גפן ייעוץ ניהולי וארגוני לחברות

Sharon Ophir Chetrit
Senior Consultant

Sharon Ophir Chetrit is a senior organizational development consultant and facilitator.  

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Sharon is dedicated to implementing the culture and practices of Active Partnership across all organizational levels. Sharon has years of experience as a senior executive in various positions, during which she led numerous and complex organizational change processes, and gained lots of experience in team development. As a professional athlete, Sharon brings sport-derived concepts and methodologies as well as mental coaching to her work with organizations. Sharon hold a BA degree in business and communications as well as an MBA, both from Hebrew University.

אודות גפן ייעוץ ניהולי וארגוני - תמונה של אלינור ארבל

Elinor Arbel
Senior Consultant, Global Clients

Elinor Arbel is a senior organizational development consultant specializing in cross- collaboration

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and communication. Elinor has years of experience working with global teams and organizations across various industries, helping people and teams achieve outstanding business results through their ability to build effective partnerships across the organizational grid. Elinor facilitates team building workshops, leadership development processes and executive coaching. She approaches organizations holistically and inquisitively, enabling open communication among members and fostering self-awareness, positive communication and effective collaboration that help them achieve bottom line results.

Elinor holds a Master's degree in communications from City University of New York, and a high diploma in Organizational Consulting form the Open University in Tel Aviv. She is an accredited facilitator of Lumina Assessment tools, Participative Leadership, and Organizational Constellation methodology.  

מתי כנען - צוות גפן ייעוץ ניהולי וארגוני לחברות

Matti Knaan
Senior Consultant

Matti Knaan, is a senior organizational development consultant and an Industrial Engineer. For over a decade

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Matti has been leading and supporting people, teams and organizations develop and realize their professional and personal potential. Matti began her professional career in IT project management in the Prime Ministers' office, and later worked as a senior consultant with the Seker-Deloitte consulting firm where she led extensive organizational change processes. Matti brings with her knowledge and experience in working with top management teams, helping them turn their strategy into a practical reality, using methodologies and tools from the systemic approach such as organizational constellation. 

אודות גפן ייעוץ ניהולי וארגוני - תמונה של זיו גפן

Ziv Geffen

Ziv Geffen is the founder and CEO of Geffen Management Consulting. Ziv brings 25 years of experience working

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with business leaders from all industry segments, helping them turn strategies into reality.

Prior to this Ziv took part in establishing and managing the Israeli branch of Hay Group, one of the world’s leading Management Consulting firms.

Our Clients Say…

Eran Barak, Strategic Clients Division Manager, Bezeq Binleumi

In a world of constant competition, dynamic changes and advancing technologies we found that the partnership with the client will be our differentiating factor.

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Through the partnership with Matti and Ziv we build a unique and creative methodology to approach clients – The molecule model. We created small, self-managing multi-disciplinary teams that enables a 360-degree client service.

Matti and Ziv introduced to us practical tools that incorporate both the organization's capabilities and the client's needs, and the results were amazing. Using this proprietary molecule methodology resulted in an increase in sales and a significant increase in client satisfaction and commitment. The teams learnt how to operate independently, define shared goals, make decisions, manage conflicts and focus on the clients' needs. More deeply, they learnt to listen more deeply, be more accommodating and sensitive to the needs of the other.

Thank you for such professional, creative and valuable support.

Shelly Bloch, VP HR & Strategy, Visionic

Our company was acquired by the American conglomerate Tyco. In a reality where so many mergers and acquisitions are considered a failure,

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we are happy to say that our merger was considered a great business success and even was nominated as the best re-organizational merger by the HR community. Thanks to Ziv Geffen and his rich experience in global business, who wisely coached and advised us through the transition in his sensible, professional way, the process went smoothly as all sides of the deal were engaged and accepting, allowing for a new way of working together to emerge.

Nir Lazar, Head of Comcast-Charter AD, Amdocs Development

Dear Elinor and the Geffen team,
I would like to thank you for a very powerful global leadership program we have just completed

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with approximately 60 senior directors of the Amdocs Development Division. Despite the limitations of remote sessions, we were taken into a meaningful journey of exploring our personal and group tendencies, behaviours and ways of working together with our partners.  The program was dynamic, engaging and lured us into important introspect. 

 am sure it will make a great impact on our leaders' day to day work and their ability to break down some silos, be more agile and mainly better partner with one another.


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